A huge number of books about early radar development have been published, and so this section can do little more than list a few of the more well known titles.

There is a book list on a separate web page which details around fifty popular titles - most of which have been available in print over the last few years.

Knowler Edmonds produced several editions of a Radar Bibliography, the 6th of which was published in 2004.  It is a useful list, though not all the books relate directly to radar.  We are awaiting his permission to make a downloadable copy available here.

The Eastwood collection is a list of the books assembled by C R Eastwood, a librarian turned book dealer from the west country who had a special interest in radar.  Follow the link to open this Adobe pdf document in a new browser window (size: 1.2MB).

The Penley reference list is a list of publications passed by Bill Penley to the CHiDE project and Bournemouth University which were subsequently dispersed when the CHiDE project ended.  This also opens as an Adobe pdf document in a new browser window (size: 0.1MB).

Publications available from the Purbeck Radar Museum Trust
DVD - Echoes of the Past
Secret War in Purbeck
radar brochure
Dorset's Radar Days
With Radar to Final Victory
Penley Radar Archives CD-ROM
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Radar Bibliography - Knowler Edmonds
Edmonds' List
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Radar Collection - Eastwood list
Eastwood Book List
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Radar Reference List - Bill Penley
Penley Book List
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Radar Reference Library

Reference Library

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