DCD Reviews of TRE's Programme - 1942 - 1944

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Title:  DCD Reviews of TRE's Programme - 1942 - 1944
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Abstract: The very close cooperation between the Establishment and the Senior Officers in the RAF, particularly as a result of Mr Rowe's "Sunday Soviets" played a large role in steering the endeavours of the teams in TRE during the War. However, to be effective in operations the innovative concepts and equipments evolved required the expenditure of very large effort within the RAF and within Industry. The Director of Communications Development "DCD" (which was the first post held by Watson-Watt when he moved to London in 1938), had to oversee and help plan the use of these resources. As part of this task DCD held reviews of TRE's programme of work at intervals of about nine months. The following photographs are samples of the information provided for discussion at these reviews and give some insight into how this well-nigh impossible task was attempted.
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