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Title:  Letters Exchanged with Sqn Ldr Frank Hayward
Author:  Sqn Ldr Frank Hayward
Abstract: After a lot of study and research Sq Ldr Hayward has produced several unique and extremely interesting reports entitled: 'ADEE/ADRDE 1939-42' 'A Brief History of RAF Sopley 1941-45' (from WAAF Pat Sparkes) '1939 And All That' (from Sqn Ldr Pittendrigh C/O RAF Worth) 'A History of RAF Christchurch 1940-42' 'RAF RADAR AT ARNHEM - 18th-25th September 1944' I helped in the preparation of some of these and he has kindly given me permission to use them as I see fit as indicated in the letters comprising this document.
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