Index to Documents Associated with Individual People
This is an index to the Penley Radar Archives by people.  Each link leads to a page listing documents associated with the particular person.  These documents typically include: personal memories, reports, correspondence, photographs etc. which may be authored by them, contributed by them or about them.  Many of the reports were written by people who were at TRE Worth Matravers in the period May 1940 - May 1942.  
There is another index for general documents which are not associated with an individual, and also a list and more detailed catalogue of all documents in the electronic archives.
Person Organistation Area of Work
TRE Worth WAAF early radar instructor.
TRE Original theoretical work on wave-guides.
DCD HQ - Directorate of Communications Development in London.
TRE Worth Metric ASV and Mk III IFF in the USA.
Bawdsey Infra-red detection, VHF radar systems and guided weapons.
RAE, TRE Air to ground VHF communications.
RAE, TRE Radar countermeasures.
TRE Worth CHL and GCI radars, and subsequently countermeasures.
Army radar Test equipment.
TRE Worth Ground radar.
TRE Worth CHL / GCI  aerial measurements & IFF.
Bawdsey RDF at the Bawdsey and Bruneval raid.
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