Documents in the Electronic Archives
The Penley Radar Archives comprise various reminiscences, photographs and reports contributed by some of those involved in the early development of radar in the UK during World War II.  Some of these documents have been made available electronically on CD-ROM.  These documents are listed in various indexes: (a) by people, (b) general - not associated with an individual, (c) summary list and (d) catalogue.
Index of documents by people.
Index of documents which are not associated with an individual.
Documents of special interest - see below.
Summary list of all documents in the electronic archives.
More detailed list of documents in the electronic archives intended for export into spreadsheet and database catalogues.

Documents of Special Interest

This introduction gives a brief account of how concern for defending the United Kingdom from air attack led to the instigation of the early work on radar.
This series of staff lists give the director's charts and nominal rolls for TRE on various dates from 1941 to 1945.
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