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Radar memorial at Worth Matravers erected 2001
The development of Radar was crucial to the success of the UK in the Battle of Britain and continued to swing the balance in World War II until the Allies were ultimately successful.  From May 1940 to May 1942, pioneering research into Radar was undertaken at Worth Matravers on the South coast of Dorset.
Bill Penley (1987)

Over recent years Bill Penley has obtained personal reminiscences, photographs and reports from a number of the talented scientists involved in the early work on radar.  This material was supplied in response to requests circulated in the early 1990s.  He is assembling these into the ‘Penley Radar Archives’ for the benefit of future researchers. 

Some of the documents and photos from the Penley Radar Archives have been scanned to make them available electronically - both on CD-ROM and via the World Wide Web.

Penley Radar Archives on the World Wide Web

The Penley Radar Archives website has the same indexes and summary information as the CD-ROM version.  Only a few of the full scanned documents are available on the www website.  The CD-ROM has electronic versions of the scanned documents in Adobe pdf format, and is available via the Purbeck Radar Museum Trust - see:
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