Version History
The aim of this page is to keep a record of additions / changes with each release of the archives.  Hyperlinks enable speedy location of new and changed pages.  The scheme of numbering each issue of the archives is explained here.

Version History

Version: 02d
12th March 2011

No. of CDs: 1
Changes to Versionn 02c:
FrontPage counters at the bottom of each web page removed to enable publishing on a new hosting service which does not support FrontPage extensions.
Version: 02c
15 Nov 2009
No. of CDs: 1
Changes to Version 02b:
Links to all Adobe pdf documents set to open in new browser window to avoid hanging up on some computers.
Minor changes to: introductory texts on www & CD-ROM and request page.  Update contacts & links.  Add link to Early Days of Radar pdf at bottom of early radar history page
Version: 02b
9 May 2006
No. of CDs: 1
Changes to Version 02:
Updated contacts and links pages and removed page on CHiDE: contacts, links.
Version: 02
19 January 2003
No. of CDs: 1
Corrections made to Version 01:
Sq Ldr Hayward: add letters, move to general index, improve photos in RAF Christchurch report;  Adjust page width to facilitate printing; DCD Reviews link added to History; corrected Sir Robert Cockburn's date of death
Version: 01
26 November 2002
No. of CDs: 1
First electronic version!
Contents, About, History, People, Indexes, References, Contacts.
Lady Renie Adams, Dr W D Allen, Mr W G Allen, Mr Reuben Aspinall CBE, Mr Jimmy R Atkinson, Mr Brian Callick, Sir Robert Cockburn, Peter D Hall, Sir Charles Oatley, Dr W H (Bill) Penley, Dr John MM Pinkerton, Mr Don Preist,  ...
General: Staff lists, Book List, DCD Reviews.
Miscellaneous: Request, Copyright
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